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Estill Voice Training in Vancouver​

$75 CAD


*This 25% off coupon is for artists and students.

When registering for the course Estill International automatically offers the option to buy the Estill Voiceprint Plus  software.  It’s not necessary for the Introductory Workshop.  I will have recommendations at the workshop for participants interested in helpful apps

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What This Workshop Offers

This workshop will introduce participants to the origins, evolution and structure of the Estill model. Using slides, audio examples and a comprehensive handout participants will have an introduction to the 13 Figures for Voice Control and the 6 Estill Voice Qualities. Participants will experience a practical application of 2 figures as they apply to speaking and singing. There will be an Q&A regarding Estill Voice Training as a problem-solving process for singers, teachers, therapists, actors and other vocations which depend on enhanced vocal ability, health and stamina. There will be an open session for limited number of singers to work with Estill Master Trainer Sanders Whiting.

Please contact me with questions.